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Puma Trainers Collaborations

Sophia Webster Sneaker Puma Collaboration

Puma trainers have had some standout collaborations over the years, collaborating with fashion icons, superstars of music and film and global influencers including Rihanna, Sophia Webster, Rap star Big Sean and fashion brand The Kooples.

The term ‘Collabs’ is a mainstream term these days, largely due to the rise of brand marketing and influencer culture. To state the obvious, or just in case you were wondering, ‘Collabs’ is short for ‘Collaborations’.

 “Brand collaboration refers to the alliance of two or more brands, or brands and influencers, to curate a specific product or service to grab the attention of a niche audience”.

Collaborations by sportswear brands, in particular in trainers, have always played a big part of brand strategy. Shoe brands have been engaging customers through endorsement for 100 years or more. Originally through sponsorship and product endorsement with sports shoes which were named after sports stars.

Over the years collaborations in trainers have evolved from sports star endorsement through to collaborations with fashion designers, celebrities, and media icons. Even cartoon and animated characters having their own signature shoes. There are countless examples of brands spotting trends amongst their customer base and using collaborations to reinforce their brand. Driven not only by design, but by the personal style of the planet’s hottest influencers. And global sports brands are some of the worlds most established collaborators across a diverse cross section of industry, from automotive to fashion and music.

In her take on the classic Puma Suede, cult British designer Sophia Webster took on an exotic look, soft black suede mixed with vibrant colours with metallic tones and a standout chunky animal print sole. With the Sophia Webster X Puma Suede, this Puma ladies trainer took on a unique style. 

Puma Suede X Sophia Webster

French fashion brand The Kooples collaborated with Puma on the same shoe, the
Puma Suede X The Kooples. A unisex Puma trainer with a unique touch of style. The Kooples version of the Puma Suede came in all-black, with a chunky outsole, a suede upper and co-branding at the heels and tongue. The unique twist came courtesy of detailing on the lateral formstrip and on the heel, which are decked out in glittery rhinestones. 

Puma Suede X The Kooples

An evolution of the classic Puma California, this Puma women’s trainer the Selena Gomez X Puma SG X Cali Suede stands out with a signature platform sole and laid-back vibe. This version of the classic Puma Cali sports a clean suede upper and a soft suede formstrip with graphic detailing and signature SG elements appearing across the upper. 

Puma SG X Cali Suede

As a Puma creative collaborator and ambassador, Big Sean brought his own personal sense of style to his
Puma men’s trainer the Puma Suede X Big Sean. Redefining the Puma Suede with an extra-clean formstrip, a customized lacing system inspired by hiking laces and his signature to the lower heel. Sean’s characteristic green, white and blue colorway appear on the heel loops, sole and foot bed. 

Puma Suede X Big Sean Melon

Cross-brand collaborations are everywhere and are usually defined by a large ‘X’ sandwiched between two brand names to define the collab. Collabs give brands the opportunity a different kind of creativity, including opening up new markets by tapping into different customer groups and introduce brands to wider audiences. Collabs are hot across industries as brands look to stand out from the crowd, engage in new ways and reinvigorate themselves.  

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