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About Us was born out of a love of getting a great deal. For us, like you, finding the killer deal is practically a moral imperative.

We are a trusted online retailer for a wide range of premium footwear brands. We’re always pushing ourselves to bring you the best in end-of-line and deadstock styles at the best possible prices.

At we operate on three core principles:


Best Price - everyone wants to feel good about spending less

Best Style - handpicked products for the best in style

Best Experience – your satisfaction is paramount to us


Trainers, sneakers, kicks, whatever you call them the result is the same. What we wear on our feet makes us feel good! And when you know you got a great deal you are floating on air.

That’s why exists.

At GetSoled, we believe that price is all important and great style is always great style, no matter if it’s the latest release or something classic. If you believe it looks good, then it looks good. That’s why our ranges are handpicked for the best in style, whatever the occasion.

Our team are well seasoned with years of senior experience in this industry, and most importantly we have a passion for the products we sell.

Our ethics are rooted in service. We know that if you have a great experience, with a great product that you’ll remember it. And you’ll tell your friends.

Our values are aligned to sustainability and the things that matter. Lots of fashion stays unsold, and every year thousands of items are destroyed by brands opposed to discounts. We work hard to bring you reduced prices on your favourite brands. We help to ensure more products are worn, not destroyed. Timeless, sustainable style. And that’s also why you’ll find all our packaging is 100% sustainable and recyclable.

Fashion doesn’t need to be fast, but you’d better move fast to catch some of our products. If you see something you like don’t hesitate, because on ‘When it gets sold, it’s gone!’. | Get Your Kicks Saving Money